Terms & Conditions

Prices quoted are retail prices per metre and include VAT.

Hugh St Clair Ltd & Ottoboni for Sophie Grattan-Bellew, henceforward referred to as we, reserve the right to withdraw items from our range and alter prices without prior notification.

Carriage is to be charged extra according to weight and destination.

Goods will be delivered only within business hours and to the customers business address. Delivery address must be confirmed at time of order and can only be altered if the order has not already been despatched.

Samples Fabric samples small will be sent free of charge. Large samples can be purchased at trade price and provided the samples are returned in original condition, not damaged or cut, within fourteen days and the buyer will be fully repaid.

Minimum order is one metre of fabric. Yards will be converted into metres and rounded to the nearest 10 cms.

All orders must be confirmed in writing by post or email. We cannot accept claims for duplication if orders not marked confirmation.

Cancellation of orders will only be accepted if fabric has not already been printed or cut to customers lengths and despatched.

When ordering we strongly suggests that you post a cutting of the fabric to avoid confusion. While every effort will be made to match colours exactly matching of batches cannot be guaranteed. For exact match please ask for a stock cutting and place a reserve on the amount you require. Reserves automatically expire after two weeks.

Notice of any fault, damage or wrong colour should be made before cutting and within twenty eight days to claim recompense. Claims made after twenty eight days will not be honoured.

Returns will not be accepted under three metres of fabric. All returns bear a thirty per cent handling charge. All returned fabric must be in original condition. Repayments of customer miss ordering will be issued as a credit note at our discretion. Customers will not be eligible for credit notes on special colour orders and lengths of fabric must be over 10 metres in one piece.to qualify for a credit note.

The buyer is responsible for deciding what use is made of the fabrics ordered and bears sole responsibility for any consequences that may result from such use. Once fabric has been delivered to buyer we cannot accept responsibility for any change in the consistency of the fabric caused by local atmospheric conditions.

For commercial projects it will be the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that Hugh St Clair & Ottoboni for Sophie Grattan-Bellew fabrics meet legal fire proof requirements.

Payment methods and terms

All payments should be made in pounds sterling on a pro forma basis. Cheques, BACS transfers.

Legal and beneficial ownership of goods made by Hugh St Clair Ltd & Ottoboni for Sophie Grattan-Bellew shall remain the property of Hugh St Clair Ltd & Sophie Grattan-Bellew until paid for in full.

No trade client may sell on Hugh St Clair Ltd & Ottoboni for Sophie Grattan-Bellew products on to retail outlets or via the internet without prior agreement with Hugh St Clair Ltd & Sophie Grattan-Bellew.